A Message From Author Sarah Young

Watch and listen as Sarah Young, author of Jesus Calling, describes her love of Scripture and the Words of Jesus in this excerpt from her new book, Jesus Always.

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Video Transcript

It was a pleasure and a privelege to be able to set aside large blocks of time for focusing on Jesus and His Word. I consider The Bible a priceless treasure. I enjoy reading it, and memorizing scripture has become increasingly precious to me. It’s so comforting to have God’s Word in my heart all the time, guiding and encouraing me day and night. Because I revere The Bible, I always endeavor to make my writings consistent with Biblical truth. Dear reader, as you make your way through the pages of this book, I long for you to embrace the joy of a close relationship with Jesus. He is with you at all times. And in His Presence, there is fullness of joy.

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